Synthetic Harness

In 2000 we became distributors for Tedman synthetic harness and subsequently for Zilco Europe, makers of the George Bowman, Elite, Classic harnesses. We can supply the complete range of their products and keep the more popular harness sets in stock for next day dispatch. The SL, SL Mini and Sportz Harnesses aimed specifically at drivers of Shetland or small ponies. For details of these synthetic harnesses please click on the photographs below, Click here for a chart comparing the features of each harness and click here for details of Zilco sizes. If you would like help deciding which size of harmess is suitable for your horse/pony fill in our measurement chart and e-mail it back to us or give us a call

Click on the photographs below to see details of a particular harness
Tedex Harness


Available in single sets for ponies and horses.

  • Highly popular as a beginner's harness
  • Inexpensive but well designed. Made from soft and flexible materials which are light, supple and offer easy adjustment
  • Suitable for : club level competition, pleasure and leisure driving

Zilco Classic

Available in single, pair, tandem and team synthetic harness for all types of driving.

  • The original ZILCO CLASSIC harness popular for all types of driving. Equally at home in the dressage arena or the toughest of marathons
  • Choice of detachable colour trim for breastplate and coloured browband to suit marathon colours (optional extras)
  • Suitable for : pleasure, dressage, leisure or marathon driving

Zilco SL

Available in single and pair Shetland sets only.
  • Based on the ZILCO CLASSIC with traditional breastplate and traces
  • Elegantly proportioned to suit Shetlands and small ponies
  • Traditional shaped breastplate and breeching for a more elegant and traditional style in the show ring
  • Bridle has special design features to suit Shetland and pony heads
  • Suitable for : pleasure or show driving

Mix and Match

By filling out one of our measurement charts we should be able to provide you with the correct size harness for your needs For some animals we need to "mix and match" i.e. a cob size harness with a full size bridle. We are happy to do this for all the Tedex or Zilco Classic synthetic harnesses.

"What happens if it Doesn't Quite Fit?"

It is not always easy to measure a horse or pony properly, especially if they fidget a lot. If you purchase a Tedex or Zilco Classic set* from us and find you need, for instance, a longer girth lay or a bigger browband, we are happy to swap over parts so you get a proper fit (all you need to cover is the cost of postage + the additional cost (if any) of the larger part). We keep a large number of Tedex and Zilco Classic harness parts in stock so you shouldn't have to wait long to get the part you need.

"I've got a 2 wheeled vehicle - which harness is Suitable?"

With a 2 wheeled vehicle you need a saddle pad with a sliding backband. The Tedex harness comes with this as standard and now the Zilco Classic can be ordered with either a fixed or sliding backband (extra cost option)

Individual Harness Parts

We keep a good range of Tedex and Zilco individual harness parts in stock. Click here for the synthetic harness parts page

Zilco Online Catalogue

We cannot show all the available Zilco harness parts and accessories on our website but Zilco have now published their complete harness and driving catalogue online. Please contact us for price and availability of any items shown.