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"Commodore" Harness

The "Commodore" is an extra fine breastcollar harness for showing Hackneys in a show wagon. Made to measure from best English leather and fittings. All strap work is handstitched
Hackney Pad
Hackney Harness
Docks & Tailstand

Harness Features

GENERALColours: black/patent leather with West End brass buckles . Stainless steel tongues throughout.
BRIDLEPatent leather winkers in a choice of shapes. Rolled leather winker stays and throat lash. headpiece with drops for overcheck cheeks. Raised and lined independent noseband. Choice of brass front browbands (clincher, ring, flat link). Plain brass rosettes.
REINSPlain leather with buckled billet ends. Chestnut leather.
BREASTCOLLARPadded and lined with patent leather with stitched-in traces. Fully lined, fancy stitched single neck strap, padded at wither.
PADBuilt on steel tree. Patent leather top and straight flaps. Brass terrets and top rein hook. Lined pad end straps, girth straps and girth lay. Quilted and flocked panel.
TUGSFully lined Tilbury tugs and bellyband.
CRUPPER & TAILSTANDRaised and lined adjustable crupper with detachable tailstand.
OVERCHECKOvercheck with rolled leather cheeks and nylon cord top rein fitted with french snaps.
OPTIONAL EXTRASFalse breeching, padded with patent leather with adjustable shaft straps.


These prices are for guidance only.
As each harness is made to measure we will be pleased to quote you for your exact requirements.

Commodore Harness (not incl. false breeching)
Complete Hackney Overcheck with rolled leather cheeks and french snaps; nylon cord top rein with strap and buckle attachment to pad and french snaps for attachment to overcheck bit. (Does not include headpiece)
Tail stand. Steel framework covered with leather. Buckles to crupper
False breeching, padded patent leather complete with shaft straps